The super-symmetry WAR equation: CHO = Cole Hall Oceanography

RD-blog-number-3011 by Herb Zinser

2 major tragic events provided important EARTH LAB empirical data for theorists and other researchers.

The super-symmetry model of existential physics  .....  that may use symbol machines  and language  tools: mirrors and parallel procesding   ... help explain part of the Base 2 binary tragedy signal.


The important data generating events are:



Northern Illinois University shooting

The Northern Illinois University shooting was a school shooting that took place on February 14, 2008. Steven Kazmierczak shot multiple people on the campus of Northern Illinois University in DeKalbIllinois, killing five people.

The incident happened at the campus's Cole Hall.

At approximately 3:05 p.m. CST, Steven Kazmierczak entered a large auditorium-style lecture hall in Cole Hall (Auditorium 101) with approximately 120 students, where an oceanography class was in session




Virginia Tech massacre

The Virginia Tech massacre was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia, United States. Seung-Hui Cho, a senior at Virginia Tech, shot and killed 32 people.

About two hours after the initial shootings, Cho entered Norris Hall, which houses the Engineering Science and Mechanics program among others, and chained the three main entrance doors shut.


THus we have 2 events with a  some common concepts ..... that are social engineering system concepts   ....  social process control system with a FEEDBACK  ERROR signal   .... the signal format is the tragic format to get  newspaper HEADLINES   to get the attention of engineers and scientists who are the only ones with the educational background and INTEREST  needed to understand  the situation  and the social process flowcharts.



  • Supersymmetry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    In particle physics, supersymmetry (often abbreviated SUSY) is a proposed symmetry of nature relating two basic classes of elementary particles: bosons, which ...
  • Introduction to Supersymmetry - Hitoshi Murayama
    Introduction to Supersymmetry. 20th century physics has seen two major paradigm shifts in the way we understand Mother Nature. One is quantum mechanics, ...



    Searching for supersymmetry: some frustration but no despair ... › Science › Life and Physics
    Mar 14, 2013 – Michael Krämer Theoretical physicists are under the spell of (super-)symmetry...

    The  important key  atomic English language words ... known as
     SYMBOL LIFE  or the SYMBOL MACHINE codes ... are


    A) Northern  Cole Hall Oceanagraphy  -->  English symbols 
    .....Nor..........C.....H....O               mapped  to


    B) English Department analysts  in  atomic/molecular humanoid language schemes ....


    C) DeKalb ---> Nor.................C.....H....O               mapped  to

    ......................Norris engineering  CHO 


    Thus we see the super-symmetry ,,.....  CAUSE ---> EFFECT,

    The Northern Illinois  intellectuals ignored  the  Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family conflict ..... data  generating EVENT ........ consequently,  the Base 16 hexadecimal event of April 16 at Virginia TECH,




    COMPUTER EARTH system 370 and aromic symbolic processor features:
    --> The symbolic English vowel system: A E I/O U gives access to the galactic/atomic continuum  computer --> vowels I/O = Input/Output. The galactic/atomic continuum computer system 370 social engineering project plan identifiers are:

    Vowel A = American geographic location
    Vowel E = E pluri BUS unum (the GREAT SEAL) data BUS
    Vowel I = Input data stream
    Vowel O = Output data pipeline
    Vowel U = other sides of the multi-faceted UNIVERSAL MIND

    A major galactic/atomic SYMBOLIC COMPUTER battle was with the English Department at Virginia TECH University. 

    The HEX battle of Base 16 took place on April 16,2007.
    Virginia TECH (VT) University was responsible for the SYMBOL MACHINE computer VT universe --> VTOC = Volume Table Of Contents of various EARTH data storage versions...modeled after the IBM 3380 disk storage memory device.


    We see  super-symmetry theory and Darwinian selection of the CHOSEN ONE equation with 
    MR.CHO <---------> Cole Hall Oceanography class  ...... 
    a  signal to Pentagon and the U.S.Navy to think twice about the U.S.S.COLE  incomplete explantion given to citizen thinkers in America.


    Thus the super-symmetry  pair of EVENTS  had an orgin singularity event that is unresolved at the deeper levels of REALITY  given the levels of knowledge in college math and science textbooks.



    USS Cole bombing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The USS Cole bombing was a suicide attack against the United States Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Cole (DDG-67) on 12 October 2000, while it was ...

    Picture of Ocean in year 2000 --> now go to ocean class for advanced education in year 2007.

    U.S. S COLE --> October 2000 with Fe = Ferrrous oxide IRON ATOM  ship .. destroyer 

    The U.S.Navy  IRON destroyer ship travels thru the EARTH's magnetic  field via NORTH POLE magnetic field data processing systems of Nature.

    The Navy ship  of  tons of  IRON weight  interacts with the North Pole magnetic field and  Nature creates a magnetic version of the U.S.S.Cole destroyer  ..... that exists in the  magnetic   field (see the Polish physics project:   Solidarity  MOVEMENT,  Poland IRON shipyards,  Earth magnetic field POLES with bio-physics POLES as Nature's magnetic field language interface translators .......... 

    Hence, the  Earth POLE bio-physics messenger of POLE heritage needed by Nature's Darwinian selection process: Steven K.    This choice maximized the information content of Nature's messaging EVENT in DeKalb, Illinois   .... which is near  the Fe = Ferrrous oxide IRON atomic  humanoids with iron HEME group Fe() ions  that work at the  Fe site = FermiLAB.

  • String theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    In classical string theory the number of dimensions is not fixed ... One such theory is the 11-dimensional M-theory, which ...
  • M-theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    In theoretical physics, M-theory is an extension of string theory in which 11 dimensions are identified. Proponents believe that the 11-dimensional theory

  • It appears ...  the reason these various institutions  (Navy, FermiLAB, Northern Illinois Uinversity,etc) will not  exchanges ideas on these questions ........  and help explain these tragedies...... is that  ..... they live in some of the 11-dimensions ..... but do NOT recognize the existence of the remaing dimensions..

    Let's repeat this.  Sartre existentialism  can be partitioned  into  a partitoned data set (PDS)  with members that belong to the PDS.   Some people can use their mind and science books  to explore different concepts ...  other people use their abilities in another way.  

    In my case, the older and wiser I got ..... plus some learning experiences .... eventually allowed me to get a glimpse of a piece   of all 11 dimensions    .....  a liitle bit of this ...... a liitle bit if that   ...the source being college textbooks,  some televsion shows, my work experience, some CLUES in Star TREK novell, etc.             After years  of input data,  my sub-conscious MIND was able to sort it out  and present to my conscious mind  with some simple, common sense models /explainations BASED  on existing math and science data found in  high school textbooks and  basic college  textbooks. 

    Oh!  The  SKU11 dimensions  trick  ...
    ....................11 dimesnions of  human puppets of string theory physics    ......

    M-theory and puppets = Muppets string theory televsion show in 1980.

    Finally, another super-symmtery WAR  event ..... 

    U.S. Physicists Recall Brush With Supercollider Fame : NPR › News › Science › Space
    Sep 10, 2008 – The Superconducting Super Collider, located near the small town of Waxahachie, Texas, was going to hurl subatomic particles down a 54-mile ...

    Superconducting Super Collider - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The Superconducting Super Collider (SSC) (also nicknamed the Desertron) was a particle accelerator complex under construction in the vicinity of Waxahachie, Texas, ...

     Waxahachie  Super Collider .......physics project in Texas


     Waxahachie  Super Collider  ....  Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family 


     Wa                            Co         .....  physics alphabet subset letters = 

    Waco,  Texas  social  anthrology   Super Collider 




    Waco siege - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The Waco siege, also known as the Waco massacre, was a siege of a ..... Over the next several months, Janet Reno's reason for approving the final gas attack ...

    Janet Reno Statement - PBS
    Attorney General Janet Reno's Opening Statement Before The Crime Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee and the National Security International .

    Janet Reno Statement


    Janet Reno Statement


    Janet Reno Statement --> reno --> Renormalization group equation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Jump to: navigation, search. Renormalization group equation may refer to: Beta-function · Callan–Symanzik equation · Exactrenormalization group equation

    Applied physics ... evolution and adapation of concepts to ---->  atomic social science LEGAL  experiments in TEXAS

    Renormalization group equation  with Janet Reno with the David Koresh GROUP - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Jump to: navigation, search. Renormalization group equation may refer to: Beta-function · Callan–Symanzik equation · Exactrenormalization group equationv

    Elementary theory


    Elementary grammar school theory

    In more technical terms, let us assume that we have a theory described by a certain function Z of the state variables \{s_i\} and a certain set of coupling constants \{J_k\}. This function may be a partition function, an action, a Hamiltonian, etc. It must contain the whole description of the physics of the system.

    Now we consider a certain blocking transformation of the state variables \{s_i\}\to \{\tilde s_i\}, the number of \tilde s_i must be lower than the number of s_i. Now let us try to rewrite the Z function only in terms of the \tilde s_i. If this is achievable by a certain change in the parameters, \{J_k\}\to \{\tilde J_k\}, then the theory is said to be renormalizable.




    Let symbol J be applied to the Department of J (justice)  with Janet Reno. 
    Is she normal?  
    Is she the sum of   symbols Reno  with Normal atomic English language thoughts. 

    Reno, Nevada ....quantum state of Nevada .....and the STATE of MIND of Janet.
    What  is her position on  only  gambling with  Fermi-Dirac statistics agent  ... the  Fermi-director with probability = 1 --->  one of Pier Oddone  ...... 
    ignoring the AGENT for the  other part of Nature's EARTHLY  projects  with ....  
    Bose-Einstein statistics  and 
    OM = Oxygen Molecules  and the 
    Virgo Cluster astronomy, and 
    Max Planck TIME , etc.  

    Thus we see 2  examples to help theorists understand  atomic bio-physics life  and daily activity expressions of atomic humanoids  on EARTH  within the context of Nature's system projects.




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